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write to empty think page look at some pix i made for you smell fresh air whilst skatin listen and read about my music read the story about my girl and me about the making of this webpage my favourite links sign/view my guestbook

update 02/23/01

now listen up: i put two brand new skating galleries into my "smell" page showing 25 pix of great inlineskating and lots of fun. and there are still more pix to come soon...

oh, and if you didn't notice: we just passed the 2 year anniversary of this webpage. start sending your congratulations in - lol.

update 02/18/01

i included a new sun downs gallery on my "look" page.

update 02/11/01

just added two inlineskating links of our friends die.inga and der falke wpt.

update 01/20/01

sorry, it took a while to get my webpage updated. find two new galleries on my "smell" page, displaying our rarely happened skate meetings - thanks to rainy 2000 and lots of other things which held me from taking more pix. the site map is updated too of course. "think" page changed again, not to the better (!). i just can't figure out any matching content. suggestions anyone?

update 09/15/00

the new "look" page is now uploaded. it's filled up with 4 galleries of various pix i made during vacations and around my home area.

update 09/08/00

completed the love story on my "kiss" page. started a frequently updated tell-the-truth page (laberseite) which is replacing my former "think" page. also (finally) started to build up the "look" page - still nothing else but the entry page, but well... i was just too busy (who said lazy?). also added a special "skatelinks" page which can be found on the "smell" page. have fun!

update 02/26/00

added a site map to title page.

update 02/20/00

winter break's over! one year after launching this weird site it developed to a hugmangous project taking up quite a bit of my somehow limitted time. actually, it is fun to work on things like this. yet, i included five new picture galleries on "smell" page, a new chapter "funskating" and a new smell title page. anything new on "smell" page is marked "new" (easy, eh?). added four new songs on different pages and another sweet paragraph to the "kiss" page (the best one if you ask me...). updated title page for easier maneuvering.

update 10/17/99

minor update. just filled the "think" page with its first chapter.

update 10/14/99

completed my "listen" page with midi and mp3 files, link and story. next chapter of my love story typed in ("kiss" page). scanner's broken down - cheapo - please excuse the still missing new summer skating pix.

update 08/25/99

my webpage is getting more and more a funskating page. therefore i registered a second domain name "" leading to just the same (my) webpage. some minor design changes in the "smell" section to match with the new domain name. also new: some more links on the "links" page and a local weather report for you to check for sun at our meeting point.

update 08/17/99

holy tamoly, i tried to change a lot, but this summer was ment to be celebrated on skates, you know. you'll now find a new entrance pic of me (even more weird, i know, email a better one if you dare), the new "links" page - you should really try out - and my new guestbook which you should sign as well. new pics will follow after the next snowy day.

update 06/12/99

completely new design containing some fragments of the former design. changed the url to my own domain "". new right hand menu bar. "smell" page now with more than 50 skatin pix. some new musix too.

update 05/17/99

changed the whole look of all "smell" pages to be an independent section. an animated button in the contents page now leads your way into bladerunners heaven. more fun to look at maps in the "how to find us" page. updated the contents page: "talk" page is now "kiss" page and tells about my one and only love. picture files now less large. loading should be much faster. and - of course - i included new music.

update 05/01/99

title page now with counter at the bottom. changed order of appearance of galleries on the "smell" page - now the latest made gallery comes first. the map page was extended by a second map. added this update reference page.

update 04/27/99

added a map page including directions to find our meeting place to the "smell" page.

update 04/25/99

included the "about" page with new music. "smell" page now containing links to 3 different galleries of thumbnails. every enlarged pic now with back button, subtitle and new music. added the url and update date to bottom of title page.

update 04/23/99

whole design rearranged: every page with the same graphical title and similar buttons to navigate and mail at the bottom. background graphic less complex. title page now with click sensitive areas in my framed face pic and additional link to the contents page. second page exchanged by a contents page holding 5 links to pages "think", "look", "smell", "listen" and "talk". setup of "smell" page containing a set of thumbnailed pics from skating scene at our lake. clicking of thumbnails enabled view of enlarged pics.

update 02/23/99

second page with skating pic of me, another music and navigation buttons on both pages.

first upload 02/21/99

start with only one page containing a pic of my framed face, title music and mail button.

update reference page