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this is a true love story

chapter one (05/17/99), chapter two, chapter three, chapter four, conclusion

everything started at new years eve 1998. that night changed my life. around 7pm or somethin i was online chattin in some aol us chat rooms called "30th romance". yeah, i know, for you it clearly looks like i was searching for someone, but no, i wasn't. easy to understand: i am from germany and looking for a girl in us chat rooms is kind of silly. anyhow, i chatted with this guy and that girl, i answered all frequently asked sex/age questions, i said hello to everyone coming and goodbye to everyone leaving. for me this was brand new, i had started aol some few days ago, but it was fun.

for some reason i was hit by an instant message window saying "carsten, how are you this pm., or am in germany?". i've never seen such a window before, but answered next second. a girl was talking to me. nice chat. i remember every line exactly, cause i saved the whole conversation to my harddrive. at the end she said she would send a short mail next day or so and i said i'd be glad to hear from her again. this was the very start of my first and only virtual relationship.

the promised mail arrived, i answered, she answered, i... to make a beautiful long story short, we mailed each other more than 100 mails the first two month, talked about 10 times on the phone and sent each other a few packages including beside others some pics. having talked together almost every day, the first view of the daily virtual chat partner was kind of strange. we knew a lot about each other, but we haven't seen each other ever (no scanner at home that time). in general you date someone relating first on view and then on character etc. our dates had been completely vice versa. knowing the other ones feelings, sense of humor and points of view before anything else is really a thing. no question, in my eyes she's the most pretty girl i met ever.

it was late february when i flew over to the usa to meet her. lots of bumble bees in my belly, i can tell you. there she was to pick me up at the airport. a wonderful smiling beautiful girl. i hugged her and swirled her around like a merry go round. we weren't telling the other, but we both had fallen in love immediately. after only 11 days of excitement and pleasure, love and endless kisses i had to leave back home. no need to tell how sad we felt at that moment. we both didn't know how we would ever make it to continue our just started relationship.

3 weeks later she visited me here in germany. wow! we had some more than wonderful days together, even if it had been only 7. again one had to leave and one had to stay.

next visit will be september 1999, after a five month break. but - and that's more important than everything else - we'll get together some time soon. not pretty soon but within reach. no decision made who will move to whom, but being close to each other some time next in future is no longer a dream.

chapter two (10/14/99), chapter one, chapter three, chapter four, conclusion

oh boy. you wouldn't believe how wide one's able to smile seeing the long missed love again. especially after a five month long break which was and will be the only break that long in this wonderful relationship. not again - never.

really no need to tell you: we had the bestest time together. i visited my love for three exceptionally rich flavoured weeks. all included - lots of travelling, skating (of course), sightseeing and loving. travel pix will be shown on my "look" page after i got my scanner back to work...

no question, we had our ups and downs meanwhile. beeing separated from your loving partner for five month isn't easy to take. and i'm pretty sure: a less deep and truthful love would have ended in a complete disaster. not with us. we managed to survive our painful partition. it took a short while to get used to the long time desired missing love again, but from that on it was almost as we had started all over again. wonderful!

plans to connect are getting more and more detailed. we're both quite sure, moving together is the only option leading forward in our partnership. pretty much problems to solve on our way to heaven, but we're both working hard to build our very own love nest soon. and we're also sure who's moving to whom: my girl's crossing the ocean to be with me. wow! can't tell you how good i feel being loved by her...

next meeting will take place around christmas here in germany. just three month to wait - that's easy. we'll celebrate our first year anniversary at new years eve 1999, isn't that a thing?!

chapter three (01/30/00), chapter one, chapter two, chapter four, conclusion

my oh my - year 2000 started as good as 1999. maybe even better! my favourite one arrived december 24th just in time for christmas celebration. we had some wonderful relaxing days of love and passion, of pillow talks and breakfast laughs. and we celebrated new years eve together. one year ago we met the very first time - on the internet, on aol, in a chat room. now it was completely different from last year: same love peas sat here at home together arm in arm, champagne to drink and kisses to spend quite a lot.

to shout out loud: yeah, she's my girl and i won't let her go ever. well, to tell the truth: i was prepared for that special night. a friend of mine (hey inga) had made some very unique rings and equipped with them i asked my girl to be mine forever. what can i tell, she answered the only right answer possible! she said "yes", just in case you didn't know...

march 24th will be the date she's moving to germany. life can be so exciting. somehow it feels like i never knew before...

chapter four (09/07/00), chapter one, chapter two, chapter three, conclusion

lots of stuff happened since i ended chapter three: my beloved one finally managed to rent her house, sell her entire belongings, quit her job and move to germany. i had prepared our short-term love nest (my old apartment) as much as possible to suit the needs of another human being in there - poo. actually, our needs were not depending on the living situation that much, they were more love based, if you know what i mean.

the start though was quite tough for everybody. "i'll never learn this fricken language" was one of the nicer statements my cuty pie used to let me know at that time. just everything was sooo different here.

well, as time flew by - and hey, it really flew - we moved into a nicer apartment providing us with much more room, alex poked her head with german grammar and vocabulary (she's much better now), i got a tiny little bit better speaking midwesty touched us-english and she found a job - teaching english to germans.

and last but not least, our love grew and grew. it grew to a certain special point, a point which made us desire to give our hearts the peace they always needed, the peace of having found the one and only: september 1st of 2000 we got married. wooo-wow!

still, the path we went feels a bit unreal. still, our story sounds kinda unbelievable even to ourselves. but, it's true. nothing else but just true. and ongoing to who knows where...

conclusion, chapter one, chapter two, chapter three, chapter four

why am i telling you all that? you have already seen the movie "you've got mail", have you? you've already experienced a relationship with a chat partner? well, i won't tell you how to act and how to be. i'm just telling you how unbelievable amazing life can be and i'm telling you not to give up hoping ever. it pays...

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