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welcome to the funskating scene bochum

lake kemnade - bochum, ruhr area, germany

this is our beautiful lake kemnade. the perfect funskating area. click the "how to find us" link to view driving directions to our meeting place.

why funskating?

flying funskaters

maybe the concept "funskating" is kind of irritating to you. besides, i don't know if someone already named this type of inlineskating as i do, but i'd be glad to explain my thoughts to you. in my opinion funskating is situated in the middle between speed skating (you know those guys on 5 wheelers running their lung out of their body) and aggressive skating (grinding, vert and all other neckbraking stuff). actually, what we're doing is just meeting each other and having fun on inlineskates. we're beginners and experts, girls and boys, young fellows and older people.

anneliese serving icecream, news and rumors

need service?

meet our personal service center: our lady anneliese serving icecream, news and rumors all summer long. she knows it all: which icecream to choose if you're again undecided, who's together with whom and where the heck everyone is if you're feeling lonely somehow.

funskating - it's just fun to skate