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in general you'll find the following clickable items in every page: the title bar "carsten's playground" returning to index page, a bottom left placed url doin just the same, some menu buttons on your right hand side to select the named section, an email button to the upper right.

in larger sections as the smell page some right hand buttons will take you back one or more steps. clicking every graphical item and find out, it's easy.

how i made my first webpage

one sunday morning, okay it was close to noon, but anyhow - at that sunday i thought: hey, those guys from aol give me lots of harddisc space for free and i'm not using it at all. well, to make a long story short - i started to learn html, scanned and worked on some pics and shortly composed some nice music. at the end of the day (midnight was long over) my first webpage was in the net.

i used the meager windows editor "notepad" only and i still do today. nothing to complain about, cause i wanted to learn the html language starting from ground level. no question, i could have done all of the programming and designing with some of those helpful tools as microsoft front page or html editor phase 5 (see link below) - well, i just don't like them. anyhow, without the help of stefan münz who wrote the extremely useful "selfhtml" document (refer to the link below) i would have ended up only trying but succeeding.

as you easily saw already, i made this entire website using mostly simple techniques: no java applets, no javascript and no frames are to find here. in fact, i used some css style sheet programming and a table for text and graphics formatting - everything else is just plain html. link to "selfhtml" by stefan münz link to the author of the html editor phase 5 (freeware)

what you should use to view and listen

can't really test my webpage on every available browser, but it should run on microsoft internet explorer 3 or higher or on netscape navigator 4 or higher. if you're using netscape navigator you should have installed the sound player for netscape navigator. use the links below to update your browser if required.

beside that you should have your speakers switched on with the volume up a lot! all background music are midi files i composed and listened to on my pc equipped with a soundblaster live soundcard. if your soundcard is different, you'll hear a different maybe less optimal sound. hey notebook owners: better turn off your inbuild called-speaker-but-is-definitely-no-speaker. only a suggestion...

all pages are viewed best in true color mode and resolution 800x600 or higher. the tables i used to provide my pages with a proper shape are set to 750x550. all pix are set to fit into a page so you don't have to scroll. text pages could be larger in height but won't be wider than 750 (got a scroll mouse like i do?) link to microsoft link to netscape

about the making of this webpage